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Wow, I disagree! lol. I'm loving the supernatural stuff. Although I don't know how Paloah can act so rationally in this otherworldly place they've just been zapped to. That's quite bizarre.

And how about Lu catching Spikidan together?! Did NOT see that coming, ever!

Now about Pretty. There Luis was, calling her "Pretty," saying it's not hard to see why she was called that -- and then Sher shows him her face, the scar, and he starts saying things like, "She ****was**** so beautiful."

Just WHAT kind of message is this sending to young women?! That's what I'm worrying about right now. I mean, we know it's probably for campy purposes, because Mindy Seward is drop-dead gorgeous and even that scar (which only shows when her hair is pulled back) WOULD NEVER keep too many men from wanting to be with her and even marry her. But still, I draw the line somewhere -- and here it is. Because impressionable and naive teenagers who may be watching this (not the smart ones, since there are some, I'm sure), may think that men like Luis would be turned off by even the tiniest blemish. So that's when you offend people with aggressive acne problems, those with facial moles, freckles and a slew of other things.

I would hope that "Passions" wises up before they alienate a key demographic. In fact, when I get the time this week (and a photo of Pretty in certain situations), I hope to add to my signature the kick-off of my latest soap campaign. So, be on the lookout for that.

Anyway, onto another topic. Was anyone else FLOORED today when they realized (as I did), that Mac, Linds, Eric were ALL wearing the same thing they're wearing in the 'Passions is moving' commercials?! That means they taped THOSE promos alongside THESE scenes. How crazy is that?!!! It makes it even more bittersweet -- and on a personal note, it makes me wonder just what taping schedule they're operating on here! Has the delay shortened? Or did promos air later than they were taped? I don't know how that works. At any rate, I was shocked -- to say the least!
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