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Aug 15 2007, 07:31 PM
Aug 10 2007, 09:50 PM
Aug 10 2007, 09:40 PM
Aug 10 2007, 06:29 PM
Oh, my God, SBG,




that Sheridan banner of yours.

It's ADORABLE!!! :wub:

The actress, for me, is fast becoming the new Emily Harper.

:hail: To Ally for the banner!!

As for Melinda fast becoming the new Emily? Uh no....just no.

Aw, c'mon. Give Mindy a chance. She's already got the Natalie Zea-lookalike thing in your favor. Plus, she's a decent actress. I agree that Pretty can be annoying, but that's the writing. I mean, Pretty and Fr. Loni weren't involved with the time warp but did you notice that their conversation STILL went back to where it started, and they had deja vu, too?! JER's doing miracles with this show right now, but that wasn't one of 'em! lol.

Anyway, the question on my mind right now is how in the HECK will Vincent get out of this one.

And even more important, the question on EVERY "Passions" fan's mind: Do you pronounce Phillip Jeanmarie, "Phillip GENEmarie" or "Phillip ZHANmarie?"

I love his TV-friendly name, love Vincent and well, other than those two things, I'm just GASPING to know!

He pronounced it Zhanmarie because I seen a clip on the internet somewhere and he hosted a comedy show a couple years ago and that how he says it.




OMG, you are a LIFESAVER!

Truth be told, I forgot I even asked the question (thanks to this board's not yet enabling the "marks" that let you know if you visited a thread -- which is one of the greatest features of Invision boards! And believe me, I'll be more active in voicing my curiosity on that one, in the very near future) -- but I'm SO grateful, by chance (due to the lack of markers) that I opened this thread because now I know PJm pronounces his last name.

Thanks again!

And I must say, I LOVE that name now. "Zahnmarie." Soooo...something. But cool.
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