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Aug 15 2007, 07:23 PM
Rick i don't see Mary Beth and Stephen Nichols being let go..Especially now that they are embarking on a huge story with Pocket, that will include Phillip down the line...Before this story had started, i might have agreed with you..But i think this story will be their saving grace, and make them more popular with fans..

I see Frank Parker, Judi Evans, Josh Taylor, Thaao and Leann Hunley all being let go...and possibly Marcus Patrick or Darrin Brooks (fire one younger character, to not make it look like all vets)...Kind of like when Alexis Thorpe was fired during the SK story...Also the Drake situation will have a lot to do with whether Drake decides to resign or not..Having served over 21 years on the show, and still being popular, i just don't see them firing Drake...

and i have a feeling that Suzanne Rogers and Peggy McCay will either take paycuts or go to recurring...It sucks for such longtime actresses, but its a good cost effective move for the show...Also if Tanya Boyd was put on contract, which i'm not sure she was..She'll be dropped back to recurring...

I feel you on that, Kev. I was really worried for Stayla (a couple I didn't even watch in their heyday and absolutely have fallen in love with, mostly thanks to SN's unbelievable acting abilities -- and how natural he is -- and MBE's "she makes you wanna cry" vulnerability) especially with all that insane asylum CRAP. But Pocket really does seem to be the thing that gets the fans to actually take notice. Hogan's smart on this one: people LOVE babies. They're cute. So, attach a cute baby to a popularity-deficient supercouple, throw in a twist of fate that connects them to the younger generation (Philip, Mimi) and presto! Popularity surge.


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