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Aug 15 2007, 09:06 PM
I don't think this week has been boring at all. I've loved all of the magic stuff and I've loved the G/E/T stuff....also Sheridan's scenes...basically everything. I haven't FFed through anything. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Luis catching Sheridan and Spike together.

I agree, psycho. What's boring? Just because plot isn't really moving, this is one of those filler episodes that's actually the most entertaining filler episode a soap could have on a given week. The way the show was early on. Even the filler was cooky and rocked. And that's what today was. Entertaining. Things didn't really move, no. That's why everyone's giving such acclaim to last week. How can you compete with rolling back time, an execution, the sheridan/Theresa stuff? The double wedding? etc etc? you CAN'T! :lol:

This week has been mighty entertaining!
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