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Steve Frame
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ONe last thing it's all speculation at this point. I mean we don't know how seriously they have to cut the budget. The article just says the cast has to be trimmed. We know last year that it wasn't newbies that got cut, it was some long time cast members so I think we can expect that again. I don't see them getting as much help as they did last year either.

last year they got lucky that stars like Farah Fath, Melissa Reeves and Jason Cook chose to leave on their own. I dn't think that will happen this time.

All I can say is that don't expect it to be easy. I have been ther with GL when they had to purge. Either fans will accept the purge and stick with or they won't. I expect some fans to leave over this depending on who is cut.

It will be a difficult time for everyone and test your devotion to the show big time. It did with many of GL fans. They walked away when the vets did. And they haven't come back.

It will boil down too whether you feel like the show can go on without so and so or not. And whether the show is the same with or without that person. But it won't be easy, and fans are going to get mad and you know how easy Days fans can get mad.
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