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Aug 15 2007, 09:29 PM
Aug 15 2007, 09:12 PM
Aug 15 2007, 07:39 PM

Evans - I see this story as their swan song Kev

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Dear, God! Please don't say that!!! It's bad luck.

JSF, One question why is it bad luck to say that about Steve & Kayla but nothign was mentioned of it being said about any of the other stars/characters and never about Lucas who fans wish would be fired at least 100 times a week.

Hey there are only a few people that are totally safe in all this, and I'm sorry I don't see Steve and Kayla as one of them. Esp. if a big time couple has to go Payla will be first.

Can you imagine Corday making the choice to let John & Marlena go and keep Payla. You talk about wars. It would be war. I mean the two fan bases have already battled numerous times starting with Payla coming on & Jarlena sent on vacation. Then the comfortergate thing.

I see if it comes down to both Hogestyn & Hall staying, he will have to go with the coulple who have the most time in Salem.

Well, it's bad luck if you say it to someone who LOVES that character or character(s).

That being said, if I were Ed Scott, I'd think the convo would go like this:

(Bear in mind, I don't know who has the power or if such a convo would take place)

KC: (looking at an easel with pics of all the cast members) So, what should we do, Ed, ol' chap? How about Steve and Kayla?

ES: I don't know ... Steve has that patch going for him. AMC's the one with Lucci, GL's the one with the Slut of Springfield, GH has their scrubs... but we're the only one with the guy with a patch. That's pretty cool.

KC: I agree. It's just so "soap opera" to keep the dude with the patch.

ES: Well, OF COURSE. Any other character can be a cookie-cutter hunk or babe, but Steve's got that thing that makes him interesting: thet patch.

KC: So, we should keep Nichols.

ES: But what about Evans?

KC: Hey, if you keep one, ya gotta keep both.

ES: How about Marlena?

KC: Deidre Hall? The star of the show? "Mrs. Days of Our Lives?" The future matriarch?! Of course. Now John...

ES: yeah, I know. Their love scenes are fizzled.

KC: So Drake's out.

ES: Shawn, Belle?

KC: They're the future.

ES: Sami, EJ?

KC: Come on! Of course.

ES: Let's see... Caroline, Victor, Billie, Philip, Maggie...

KC: Gone, gone, gone, gone ... and gone. We could keep Rogers recurring. The young 'uns have to have a place to eat on dates.

ES: Chez Rouge.

KC: And Bo, Hope, Stefano, Andre, Tony, Anna... Well, Bope stay, Stef maybe, Andre's run his course... Tony and Anna... let's talk.

Etc, etc.

I really feel Steve's patch will save him. At least, I hope it will.

That being said, even if it's grim, I'll put up my -- not predictions, but -- guesses of the likely final cast for the revamp:

Lucas (sadly :lol:)
Kate (she's entertaining)
Roman (for Marls)
Abe and Lexie

If things are REALLY tight, I'd take Tony and Anna off the list because I can't see them throwing away the only two black characters. It'd be too whitewashed.
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