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Aug 15 2007, 10:27 PM
JSF that is great for you, but I don't see the convo going like that . That's saving all your faves and deleting others faves. There are many Days fans who don't like Steve & Kayla and would be glad to see them gone over others.

So you might see it as bad luck but others don't.

Well, it just so happens those are my faves, but I truly believe that's the way they could think.

I mean, even Shawn is questionable. Right now, he's just a cookie-cutter hunk. The only thing he has going for him is a hot actor and status as a supercouple child. Other than that, he's replaceable. Or can be done without.

But characters that are truly memorable -- the guy with the patch -- offer variety and I believe, help market the show better. I do have a bachelor's in TV (not that I'm touting it or bragging or claiming to be an expert, just saying); so that's why I try to picture it from the marketing perspective, which can be an indicator of ratings potential, or even character selection for the revamped version. Look, I'm not in love with Patch or Kayla -- I do like them a lot, though -- but I will defend their marketability until the death.
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