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Aug 15 2007, 06:28 PM
Yay for birdies.

Can Andre stab Kate please when she goes to get the folio? I'm still waiting for her comeuppance for blackmailing Nick.

Also, why am I not surprised Colleen and Santo don't actually have sex? Even in flashback sequences invented to appease EJami fans we're not allowed to see James Scott's character get any action apparently. <_<

Yes and I so agree.

What is wrong w/Days when we are forced to endure slurping, juvenile rolling around with a hugely pregnant woman, a teen with a block of wood *sshat Kate putting out for Steffy and John eating Marlenas face off while she moans in ecstasy...yet we get nothing for EJ but psychoman and even Kate has the nerve to treat him like dirt? I want my smart evil man back and screwing someone...but I guess we only get the Borresters.

Now poor Santo is getting nothing too??????????

Ed Scott better get busy fast. Someone over at that show is smoking crack and living in an alternate unvierse if they think the stuff they are shoveling is "entertainment".

One laugh I got today was when EJ climbed in bed with Lucas. EJ looked like his daddy! LOLOLOL Go James.
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