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In regards to Jeremy and Jett, Jett asked him a few weeks ago to help look into things with Jeremy. Max really hasn't given him much help so that is why Jett got all huffy today and revealed himself in hopes that Max would help get what he needed to bust Jeremy. He just warned Max that it's best if he cooperates or he will go down too. I don't see what was so wrong with these scenes?

As for who was flying the plane, there is this little thing called "autopilot.":lol:

The Stephanie thing was lame and a poor attempt at setting up Max and Stephanie. Bumiller did good with it and Hennig did ok with it as well but whoever wrote and directed that scene messed up horribly. Loving Chelsea again though. This "Touch the Sky" story has gotten interesting though.

Steve/Kayla just rock. I am loving this baby story. The writing, the acting, the music, the emotion...it's so Days. The scenes today were so cute.

Glad seeing Kate on so much. BD did a good job today and I thought Lucas was actually pretty good, as was AS. What I didn't like was the way they shot the scenes with the reporters in the room with the weird target on the camera. It looked like the viewer was playing a sniper game at the arcade. Hated that. Loved Roman/EJ and Kate's little warning to EJ.

The best way to explain the change in EJ is to look back at when EJ went good. He went good after Sami married Lucas. It shook him up and it made him realize he had lost his change due to the rape, the biggest mistake of his life. So, he starts trying to make up for it but also learns that there is a good chance the babies are his. It makes him strive to be a better man so he can be a family with them and Sami. He knows carrying on the Vendetta and his current lifestyle will only end up hurting Sami and the babies so he begins to change for them.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. He learns the children aren't his. It hits him hard, he gets drunk. Then, Stefano and Kate call his manhood into question. It pushed EJ to the limit and he tried to kill Lucas but he couldn't go through with it. His love for Sami kicked in, the love that makes him want to be a better man. He helped her save him and I think today he was merely trying to make himself look good for Sami to put pressure on her to maybe realize she should be with him. I also think he did it as a smokescreen to make sure he doesn't go down for it and that Andre does. I think the writing for this has been pretty solid other then Sami's whining and Lucas's nagging at times.

It wasn't a bad show though. Not the best but not too bad.
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