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Aug 16 2007, 12:58 AM
I'm pretty certain that one pilot has to be at the controls even when flying on autopilot. There are always communications etc. that need a human responder. It was neglect, pure and simple.

Also, I'm beginning to wonder about Jett. He is not coming off so well. I wish someone would make up their mind about whether Jeremy is implicit in smuggling prostitutes, or if he is smuggling in aliens, or if he is being used or actively involved with the criminal activity. This is very poorly written.

Since there are definitely changes coming yet again, I hope this time it will be for the better.

No. Autopilot can control the flight. My uncle is a pilot. However, they do say that the controls should be supervised while a plane is using the feature so that something doesn't go wrong. One pilot should not leave the cockpit if another leaves so that part is where they got it wrong.

I think Jett is coming off fine. I am sure the ISA is on his back to get this done so that is why he is pushing Max more.

The show does need to fix some things though. Execution and direction being big points IMO.
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