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After all... tomorrow is another day!

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for ANNA being on screen again FINALLY.

Too bad the Tony-Anna time was so short. I did love it when Roman walked in on them though. Josh Taylor played that well. But why the hell did they have Roman offering one of his favorite Australian sayings as "No worries, mate." That made no sense for the character or in the scene. Still, I could get into Tony/Anna/Roman if they do this well.

Hooray for anytime Thaao Penghlis and Joseph Mascolo interact, even if today's scene wasn't that exciting.

Meh to Stephax/Stephamy drama. I didn't really pay attention to Stephanie's crying in the hot tub until I noticed they gave her some new music behind her tears and I looked up to watch it. They weren't convincing.

I don't buy for a second that Jeremy had no idea that they were human trafficking these girls for prostitution nor do I believe that if this was a sudden revelation for Jeremy that the sexist pig who was on our screens the first two months of his run would give a crap about these women at all the way he is claiming to now to Max.

China Lee's kids were adorable and I sort of like her, but I don't get what the point is of this other than to show Nick being an idiotic wimp yet again and add yet another obstacle that the Chick pairing doesn't need as they already have enough angst as it is.

Sami and Lucas are simply repulsive. I don't see Lucas's protective instincts as loving in these scenes as they just come across as him bossing her around and Sami submitting to him like the simpering love slave that she is being written as at this point. Who are these people? When Sami and Lucas worked before they were both strong characters who argued all the time yet now Sami caves on everything and giggles at all his stupid jokes like a bimbo. Are they intentionally writing Sami and Lucas this shallow? And don't these two have a nursery to paint? Shouldn't they go shopping for baby clothes once when they are supposed to have twins within the next month or two?
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