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Aug 16 2007, 02:15 PM
The LBD were alright but also extremely tacky. The best one was 2001 IMO. 2002 was lame until Chloe past out. Higley's events didn't really bring the cast together. The carnival only had people like Bo, Hope, Rex, Mimi, abe, and Lexie. I don't remember anyone else even being there. The Bicentennial was all about Philip, Cassie, Kate, Tony, and Sami with I think a brief appearance from J&M and Shelle. Bope were on the roof doing something at the time. She did give you more of a community feel though.

Ugh. Thinking about the teen years and Higley is making me sick. People say the balance is bad now but back then it was much worse or at least seemed that way.

I wish we could get more big events like this. I think that is why people are thinking back to them fondly. However, unless someone can send Corday some money for sets and such I don't see it happening right now.

People were there. Sami was there. Brandon was there. Eugenia was there. Lucas was there. Kate was there. Higley brought everyone there. I remember. :)
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