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Desperate for a dying Stefano to declare an end to the Brady/DiMera feud, Sami pressures EJ to setup up and save his life this week on Days of Our Lives.

"EJ's conflicted," admits James Scott (EJ). "On one hand, this is his father and he loves him. On the other, he knows that if he prolongs Stefano's life it may bring great pain to the family of the woman he loves. So he heads to the hospital to see Stefano and persuade him to end the vendetta against the Bradys before he dies; to leave that his legacy."

Stefano says he has to get in touch with Andre to end the feud and claims to have no clue where he is. Of course, Stefano then promptly calls Kate and ask her to meet Andre, retrieve the mysterious folio and destroy it. Meanwhile, Dr Rolf explains to Stefano, Tony and EJ that a slice of liver from a live donor might improve Stefano's chances. So EJ summons Stefano's biological children to the hospital. When Benjy and Lexie bow out, EJ is Stefano's last hope.

"EJ holds his father's life in his hands," says Scott. "He is burdened by this choice. He has to think about it."

Enter Sami. "Sami wants to keep Stefano alive so he can help them get to Andre. Then (the Bradys) can get the folio that holds the key to ending the vendetta," explains Scott. "She believes that if Stefano dies, Andre will start a massacre."

EJ finally agrees to be his father's donor, much to Stefano's delight. Not that EJ is 100 percent sold on his decision.

"But he's going to run with it," shrugs Scott. "EJ understands he can't move on unless this vendetta is over. It's the only way to restore integrity to his family."

And get himself back in Sami's favor.

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