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Viewing Single Post From: ATWT Weekly Discussion (Aug 13-17)

A better show today!!
I loved the Nuke and Maddie scenes and the scenes with Luke and Aaron!
Maddie is in for a fall! Let's hope she doesn't freak out pick up her sister's old knife and it is Raven Lake II:The Sequel! :D :D

Cady is one of the most beautiful women in daytime. And Rosanna! You look good after being out of it for about 2 years.

Barbara was good in her scenes with Meg and Craig. Coleen's lisp is not noticeable as it once was.

Vienna (and Henry) are the proud owners of Al's. Maybe Vienna can call that other spoiled princess,Lizzie Spaulding in Springfield and compare notes. She just beame the owner of a dive too.Well,Al's is a better establishment.

Vienna! Reminds me of the Joan Crawford movie:Johnny Guitar. She played the owner of a sloon and gambling hall and was named Vienna!
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