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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I was discussing this with some folks on another board, but does anyone here get the sense that maybe June was a better month of DOOL because Hogan was tied up with IWTBASS and so he wasn't around to fuck things up as much? Because it seems like the quality went down (along with my enthusiasm/optimism for the show) in July and I can't really pinpoint why.

I am just glad that it seems the whole attempting to kill Lucas thing I guess was just a setback in EJ's redemption rather than him being cartoonishly bad again just to prop Lumi. Doesn't make it any convoluted but makes me less depressed about the outlook of this show.

Oh something else I just thought of... I wonder if the liver thing will even work. They have hinted at times in the dialogue that EJ might not be Stefano's biological son so I guess that would be a way for them to reveal that. Hmmm.
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