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Mysterious folio, mysterious disease (a liver will cure it now?), mysterious motives for the feud...fucking die, Stefano.

I don't see why Stefano matters anyway with indestructible Andre out there, and I don't see why Sami's all that worried about this. Andre and the rest of the clan are great at kidnapping people, which can be annoying, but he's not lately been successful at killing people. And even kidnapped they don't really suffer until people start looking for them. Nice island replica with a bunch of your friends, programmed to steal art, or something, in Europe while pretending to be a princess...not really all that bad. Especially for Chelsea, actually, who went from a nice calm family to, like, running over children on accident after rejoining the fold. Sami should be lobbying to go away for awhile.

About the show quality- I don't think there was a real dip. I just think there was a fair bit of hype about this storyline and that created expectations that the writers are totally incapable of fulfilling. Or unwilling to fulfill- I'm starting to think they are systematically destroying everything long-time viewers have wanted to see so we'll shut up about it.
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