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Steve Frame
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px - not willing is the key word. They are not incapable of fulfilling it. Or maybe they are. Maybe Hogan Sheffer didn't deserve any of his Emmys. I don't think that but he is not able to write a better story than this with the staff that he has who are pretty good writers (much better than JER had) then it just makes you wonder.

I mean overall the acting is still good. No complaints there.

The characters are still interesting. No complaints there.

The basic premises of the stories are good. No complaints there.

The basic balance of the show is better than earlier this year, but still needs lots of work with the people who should be more involved in the story included. Just a little complaint there

Those are positive things about the show.

But to me many of those things were there under JER. His stories were okay on paper or sounded good in spoilers. The acting was always top notch - just look at Reckell, Alfonso, Hall during the SSK story, Sweeney, Judi Evans who was always great as Bonnie alone for examples. But JER lacked execution and creativity with his stories. It was all triangles. And he lacked a good writing staff.

Days has more things going for it now, but not since the trip that Marlena & John took to Italy and Victor's hiding of Philip so that he could get Claire and the courtroom scenes has Days mesmerized me or drew me in.

I read the spoilers and things look okay on paper and what is really bad is the stuff that looks really good, when you watch it there is just nothing. It is so disappointing. Way too much happens off screen. And way too many points that could cause drama or intrigue are overlooked.

Hogan and this staff have the chops to do so much better. They are ten times more talented than JER and his staff but why is the show still failing to draw me in. It's the stories.

And there is way too many dropped things. I mean how many times has the rape of Sami been dropped and then comes back up and now it is dropped again when it was dealt with so much for a little while as if we were going to get a big story out of it. Then nothing. And then last week it looked like old EJ was coming back and I was actually a little excited about that. And then this sounds like EJ is taking some steps backwards again.

I mean if they are going to redeem EJ get on the path and stick with it. Make up your mind and quit changing it every other week.

Hogan and this team are talented enough. I think you hit it on the head that it may if they are willing too. And who knows they may just be holding back for now. WAiting for the next set of changes to be made whatever they are.
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