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Steve Frame
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Aug 16 2007, 08:57 PM
Aug 16 2007, 08:02 PM
Aug 16 2007, 03:50 PM
Darrin looked really bad today. Those bags under his eyes!

Reminds me of Jen from BB: "There were bags under my eyes...and they weren't even MY bags!" :lol:

King, I was wondering about Darin too. But I think he was made up to look bad. Remember he just got beat up by some thugs last week, I think.

But anyway, it was all Nick and Chelsea for me today. They are so darn cute together. And Blake looked so hot in that tee-shirt today. He looks to be more filled out than when he first started on Days.

But Roman telling Anna about Tony's womanizing kind of caught me off guard. I don't remember Tony that way. Maybe they are re-writing his character. I didn't like the bit at the end when he was flirting with the nurse while holding Anna in his arms. That's not the Tony I remember. That nearly gave me a case of whiplash. I wonder what's up with that. :huh:

Unfortunately I fear it is Hogan's way of writing love triangles striking again.

In a recent SOD there was someone talking about how they see shades of Craig/Carly/Jax in Hogan's writing for EJ/Sami/Lucas and it was talking about the reformed bad girl having to choose from the swinging dick and the good guy.

I never watched ATWT so I have no idea what that means in the ATWT comparison context, but analyzing all of Hogan's triangles... Jeremy/Stephanie/Max... Jett/Chelsea/Nick... it sort of makes sense.

Now I guess we are getting the swinging dick being Tony with Roman as the good guy. Such bullshit they are doing this to Tony and Anna IMO, but that's Hogan's way of writing characters to suit his plot rather than respecting their integrity.

Yes, he is not copying them word for word or story for story but that is his pattern with triangles.

The thing that surprises me most is not that he is doing that anymore. I mean he is in his pattern but he is not copying ATWT. Even with it's problems his stories at ATWT were more exciting - at least so far.

But anyway the thing that surprises me most as you pointed out those different triangles is that he is following JER's pattern all of a sudden and making every romance into an almost triangle.

Right now only Bope, Jarlena, Payla, and Abe/Lexie are not in a triangle, but all the other couples are now part of a triangle or quadrangle it seems.
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