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Aug 16 2007, 06:03 PM
What's with all the heat that this week is getting? I honestly don't understand. Today, like every other day, was great IMO! Mac gave her best performance this week (even though I love her everyday) with Luis and then by herself when she was dissing Fancy. Luis was being so hard on Sher Sher....it made me sad...

Pretty, just STFU!!!!

I loved the ET wedding stuff....I can't wait to see how Theresa handles Gwen and Rebecca.

I agree. Today was another "keeper" episode for me. It's the interactions, the sets, the production values. NO, nothing's happening right now, but that's why soaps have filler, in-between stuff. And it's great because the show is finally entertaining even in filler. There was at time when that wasn't the case and things were just off.

Tabby in her conga costume was a little disturbing. Something about the way it fit on JM was WEIRD! lol.

Loved the photo album and the shot of Norma aiming the axe at Tabs.

Loved Sheridan actually owning up to making a deal with Spike. That was gutsy!

Loved Whit catching Gwenbecca. That's the gold mine right there. We NEVER see Gwen be this "nice" to Theresa. I have to keep an episode with just that alone!

Although, I have to wonder about something: WHY must soaps always pull the crossing fingers trick? THEY'RE GROWN FUCKING WOMEN! If you're BOLD enough to lie to someone, you're bold enough to do it without crossing your fingers behind your back like a FUCKING THREE-YEAR-OLD. Because guess what writers? ONLY three-year-olds and maybe small children do that. NO ADULT, EVER, I'd wager (unless there's something REALLY wrong with them or they copied off TV) would give "crossies" so they could lie to someone's face.
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