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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Wow!! Great Wed/Thurs eppys!

We all knew Jason would get off, so no suprise there.

Love that we are getting closer to a Lucky/Sam sexcapade, :lol:

Still realling from the recent Logan revaltion with the scenes between him and Maxie. Not completely suprised though as the relationship with him and Lulu wouldn't go without some sort of obstacle.

The whole Carly/Jax/Jerry/Irina story is a BIG snooze which sucks since I really liked Carly and Jax up to this point. Now I don't even care.

Kelly Monaco rocked her material again this week. Depsite the trashing of her character, she delivers, IMO!!

Glad to see the trial over. It was really good in the beginning with the Jake stuff attached, but became pointless after that.

As Dee said, Die, Liz, Die!!! Heck, at this point, I would have settled for Jason to have been convicted, Sonny to have helped him escape and then Liz and Jason to take Jake on the run in order to get them off my tv for a few months!!! LoL

Liked the Scrubs stuff, but see more of that in the NS thread~
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