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Just watched the latest eppy, 8/16, and WOW. Perhaps because I have an HIV+ friend, but I just totally connect with the story they are giving Robin and Patrick at this point. I've always really connected with the character of Robin, but this current storyline is just so real for me. I really do like it and hope they keep up the good work with it.

This eppy was the best so far, IMO.

Even with Jason playing the hero, it was in a story that WASN'T about him. I was teary and even crying a bit at the end. GH during the daytime should be like this eppy and it would get much better praise, IMO.

Glad to see them focus much more on Scrubs this eppy and the whole baby situation. As much as I love these two, and enjoy the 'potential baby' story I don't want them to have a kid anytime too soon. They are still young and have so much more potential as a soap couple before going that route. That said, this story is def interesting.

Can't wait for next week!!!

Jonatha, Manny, anyone else!! Hope you're still watching. Post your thoughts, as I'm really interested to see what you all are thinking!(and I don't want to have to talk to myself, :lol:)
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