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I was 15/16 when it started in US...

But I remember when I heard that it was gonna start in Croatia.. OH MAN! It was back in 2001. and it was the first US soap since Sunset Beach (which lasted only one season back in 1998.) here!

Our newspapers classified PASS as a crossover between Santa Barbara and X Files! :lol:

And I was like: who cares?! It's a US soap! I'm watching it!

And my first episode of watching wasn't actually first episode, but then episode when Sheridan crashes into Luis's car and they meet for the first time.

I LOVED Pass for it's first year! It was so good!

I loved Shuis, I loved Whit and Chad, Tabby and Timmy were amazingly funny (me and my friend still call each other Timmy and Tabby.. :D), Julian, Ivy, Becky... LOVED IT ALL! First Kay was a great villainess!

I couldn't stand Eve and Grace... and CHARITY and MIGUEL! I hated them with PASSION (pun intended lol)

Miguel (actually the dude playing Miguel, whose name escapes me now) was always too gay looking for me to be believable as a rootable guy in a couple.. (NOTHING against gay guys, y'all know that, but I just always had a feeling Miguel would enjoy it more with.. I don't know... Chad than Charity.. lol)

And Charity was just annoying with her constant crying and whining..

Wow! I didn't realize it has only 16 eppys left... OMG! Passions is really coming to an end.. (yes, it's moving, but whatever.. this is the end of it as we know it..)
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