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:( :( I just want to cry knowing that there's merely 16 episodes left. How can NBC do this?!!?!! But oh well....on to my favorite memories...

To tell you the truth, there's no storyline that I really hated with a "passion". I mean, I was annoyed with certain things, but there was never anything that got me to stop watching. I didnt' particularly like the whole "Murderess Mermaid" story with Kay/Fox/Siren/Miguel + Tabitha/Endora, but I tolerated it.

I loved all of the fantasies....every one. I think my favorite was when Theresa was giving birth to Little Ethan and dreamt that she, Gwen, and Ethan were singing the Passions theme song. :lol:

I loved evil Kay....she was so rootable for me, and so much like DAYS' Jan (which is a good thing in my book). Her schemes were so fun.

My favorite characters of all time are...

Sheridan - I've just always loved her...from her lead heroine days (which I hope she'll return to someday) to her wicked villainess days. No matter what she does, I'm a Sheridan fan for life!

Beth - Even though I was always rooting for Shuis, Beth is probably my number one favorite character of all time because of her entertainment value.

Edna - LMAO! I loved the adventures of Edna and Precious against Beth. Edna/Norma is great, but nothing beats Edna/Precious :lol:

Gwen - I slowly grew to love her. At the begining she was just okay, but now I'm rooting for her...and of course, Rebecca.

Favorite Storylines...

ALL Tabitha/Timmy and Tabitha/Endora messes. :lol:



Beth's Lies and Craziness

Sheridan in the pit

Passions Red



Evil Vincent

...*sigh* I really wish Sci-Fi hadn't canned the reruns. If only SoapNet had enough sense to pick them up. <_<
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