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Y&R is one show that I watch everyday with a bowl of ice cream...and I probably will til it goes off (or I die, whichever happens first lol). I don't care who's writing it or what's happening, I always find a way to enjoy it.

As a HUGE Phyllis supporter, I was a WRECK during yesterday's show! lol...I was shouting at the T.V. And that BITCH, Heather....what is WRONG with her?! Does she have absolutely no heart? I mean, there's a good chance Phyllis will serve jail time in the near future, but Heather just can't wait to throw her in the slammer without letting her see her daugther? She's AWFUL! And then Brad, that stupid bastard. How low can you go?

I loved the exchange between Phyllis and Sharon and HATE Sharon for doing this. Even though he was a brat for acting the way he was, I was rooting for Noah when he went off on his mother. He's so right. Sharon is a mother....shouldn't she understand? Of course she shouldn't because she's trash.

*sigh* I think I'm getting too worked up about this soap. :lol:
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