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Steve Frame
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Well for me I have always critiqued the shows I watch whether it be in screaming at the TV or with friends or with a messageboard. Sometimes I knew who the writers have been and sometime I haven't.

And one thing I know for sure is that it has never mattered to me who the writer is. Even the best writers are open for criticism from me if what they are putting on the air stinks.

I was one of the biggest critics of Agnes Nixon when she wrote the story with Jonathan bargaining with the devil for his soul on Loving. I couldn't beleive she went there and I was very vocal about it. That was before messageboards.

So for I will criticize writers whehter I know who they are or not. To me it is not the writer but the product they are putting out that I have the problem with.

People keep calling me a Hogan basher because I criticize Days but I am not criticizing HOgan - I am criticizing the product he is putting out.
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