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Aug 17 2007, 03:12 AM
So what were everyones favorite storylines?

Mine would have to be Who "killed" Julian. Excellent umbrella story and superb camera work and editing.

Then we had to wait 3 years to find out Liz was the one who shot him :lol:

The most romantic scene I think I've EVER seen on a soap opera in my life was when Ethan and Theresa (Travis and Lindsay) went to Bermuda in 2000 to check out his and Gwen's potential honeymoon location. Remember the sarong? The perfume in the air? Theresa trying on all those clothes?! SUCH feel-good TV. Anyway, it was when Theresa was all dressed up in that amazing dress; she head her hair pulled up, and at night, under the stars, at a restaurant, she and Ethan, in a white suit, danced to his amazing song, which would eventually become their instrumental "theme song" for a long time (I am SO pissed they dropped that after 2001 or so.) The dress, the camerawork, the music, production values, EVERYTHING about that Bermuda shot where she lay her head on his chest while dancing was just FLAWLESS. It's a very underrated scene and I'm sick of seeing people not talk about it so I felt morally obligated to say something.

Anyway, next ET scene that I loved was when Theresa was crying at the pier, Ethan came running to her with a jacket in his hand that she left behind. Then, without warning, they just MADE THE FUCK OUT on that pier. IT WAS SOOOOOOO hot, especially for circa 2000 ET fans who'd waited long for such a scene.

Next up, the ET engagement. BEST SOAP ENGAGEMENT EVER. It happened at midnight mass, Gwen was looking on, the choir was singing in the background - and Theresa's wardrobe was FLAWLESS again.

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