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Steve Frame
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I was having a conversation this week with a client of mine who just started a home based business. She came to the office on Monday and saw I had Days on in the office and we got to talking. She told me some things, and I told her about some things I had read on message boards. She says she uses the Internet but just for e-mail and her MySpace page to talk to her family. Anyway I felt she made some interesting points and I asked her if she would type something that I could post here. She said yes. I know that it will not matter to some people but I thought it was interesting to get another perspective of someone who doesn't keep up with things that are going on on baords and stuff.

Anyway here is her statement:

"Hello my name is Carol. I am a friend of Steve's - an older friend but not by much. He Hee!!! I watched Days when I was a teenager with my Mom. To give you some idea of my age, I was a teen when Mike Horton was a teen. I quit watching Days in 1981 when I went to work after I got married. I would occassionally see an episode - maybe once a year if I was at my Mother's or something but never on any permanent basis at all. Anyway in 2003 my company shut down, and I went back to college via the Internet, and became a stay at home person. Since my kids are all out of the house, and my husband worked all day I found myself watching TV. Days was the talk of all my family at the time, so I tuned back in just a few short days before Maggie Horton got killed. I was hooked on Days again. There was a little shock over so many new folks to get used to but it was so exciting that it didn't take long. And I really liked a lot of the new folks that I didn't know. Alot of the next few years was boring stuff after that but I was still hooked. Last year when EJ (oh God that man what he does to me) came on I got so excited about the show because he was such a God send to the show. And I was so excited about Sami and EJ. I know Steve prefers Lumi but I'll forgive him for that one. He Hee!!! Anyway in December I got my degree in medical transcription finalized and went back to work for 12 hours each day. So I had to give up Days again and my EJ love. I don't do VCR and DVR's. I am technology handicapped. I know how to turn the VCR on and I know how to basically turn my computer on and that is far as I get. We don't get SoapNet since we live out in the boonies and cable doesn't come and out only Satellite company doesn't offer SoapNet yet. So I gave up my Days and my EJ. Two weeks ago I put in my prerequisite time onsite with my doctor's office and have now started working from home where I am going to set up my own business to do medical transcription from home. So I tuned back into Days and boy what a shock. I have only been gone for like 6 months total time from the show and who are all these people. There is some blonde guy running around with some girl who calls herself Stephanie, and some black guy, and who in the hell is that woman with Nick. And Steve says that woman with Roman & Tony has been on the show before but you can't prove it by me. And why in the world are EJ and Sami dressed up like other people and talking funny. I don't know what happened to my Days but I sure can't get back into it. I'm trying but I just don't know anyone, and it is esp. hard when they are all on screen at the same time or on the same day. Dammit give me back the Days I knew, and esp. give me my EJ and Sami."

That's alright Carol, I'll forgive you for loving that rapist too. Anyway I thought it was an excellent observation from someone who hasn't watched in 6 months. And it makes you wonder about others who left and are trying to come back.
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