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After all... tomorrow is another day!

EJ and Tony were the highlight of the show. I was curious to see how the first EJ-Tony scenes would play when the EJ-Andre scenes have been so great and they didn't disappoint, JS and TP just work together so well. I wish we could get a story where EJ was the son of Tony and Anna. I also like that maybe they were explaining the ice truck thing today to be a case of EJ slipping up and falling back into his DiMera ways while he still strives to be a better person rather than a total character 180 back to evil. That actually makes sense. Overall it was just a well-acted, interesting scene... however I don't like them setting up Tony as a womanizer. I also don't think it's true that EJ never wanted to head the DiMera family. And I don't understand EJ's history that last fall he had a British nanny, then in May we were told he grew up in Maison Blanche and now we are told he didn't really spend that much time with Stefano because he was sent away to British boarding schools? Pick an EJ mythology, spell it out clearly and then STICK WITH IT, DOOL writers.

Also... about that folio... I hate that they are building this up so much for so long without telling us what's inside because undoubtedly the contents are going to disappoint and it will be revealed and just be lame. And am I the only one who thought the music during the EJ-Sami-Lucas scene was kind of OFF. Like there was this weird music when EJ said something about Kate sleeping with Stefano before one of the breaks and it totally took me out of the scene and made me giggle and the music to end the show was kind of weird too.

The Lucas and Sami scenes were PAINFUL. What was up with Lucas's weird voices? Combined with Sami's cackling it was just BAD. And wtf was he doing with the Kama Sutra anyway? Is that sold in the hospital gift shop? Did Kate pick that up for Lucas when she came to the hospital with another batch of detective books for Roman? Is that a common get well gift for someone recovering from hypothermia? Does the book contain a lot of positions for women pregnant with twins in their third trimester? So stupid. "My extremities only have eyes for you." "6 and a half inches from lift off" "the launch sequence has been activated" Is a jr. high boy writing this show? And Lucas walks out of the bathroom after apparently having a shower with Sami and he's immediately flirting with the nurse? WTF?

OK the Chelsea lucky underwear thing did make me laugh. Rachel Melvin sold that well. I wish they would give her a better story than this boring Chick/Chett crap.

This whole China Lee plot is stupid. Why can't Nick call his Uncle Mickey the lawyer to get the marriage annuled? I hate seeing Nick blackmailed again. What is the point of it all? To get me to like Nick less? Because it's working. And that sucks because I think Blake Berris is really cute lately.

The Stephax scenes didn't bother me like undoubtedly I'm sure they did others for many reasons, but aside from the storyline of things I thought the kisses were only just OK, not bad, but not so blazing hot that I think their chemistry can overcome everything. Still, I can support this storyline if it somehow makes Stephanie less of a brat. And I do like Darin Brooks so I wish Max would get to do something. I guess I'm just going to wait and see on this.

Who the hell is this Jenna person? Why are they bringing on all these recurring noobs like Jenna and China Lee and Rawlings and Ilsa rather than just writing stories for the characters we know and love? I don't get it.
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