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Steve Frame
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What I found interesting is that just like you guys she hasn't watched since December. I think she told me the exact date was right after Christmas sometime.

But unlike all of us she didn't get the casting news about all these people coming on and all. It has to be jarring to anyone who gave up during that time and then come back. I mean she wasn't one but even if they were told that the balance was better depending on when they tune in it might not seem that way. I know the next day or two after she and I talked I watched. And on the same day Jeremy, Stephanie, Jett, and China Lee were all on and then the next day some of them were on I think with Anna. I didn't write things down jsut thought about them as I worked. You tune in and all those are on the same day or even in the same scene and you haven't watched since December. It has to be a wow moment even if the show is good.

I thought it was interested too coming from her that she was able to jump into days back into 2003 because the story was exciting. She had not watched consistently since 1981 so everybody was new to her, but she said the story was so intriguing she jumped right in. I think that makes a big difference too.

I just thought it was interesting.
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