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At times, those two things both go hand-in-hand.

I knew of writers prior to getting the internet, because I had Soap Opera Digest.

I can sit back and enjoy the show as long as its well written and watchable. But even during the best written periods of soap, we always find things that leave us dumbfounded in terms of acting, writing, and suspending disbelief.

I did ALOT of that during Reilly I of DAYS, because while the show had its setbacks(i.e. meeting on the rooftop at midnight, vision goggles, etc.), the show was just that damn good! Production, writing, (most of the) acting was top notch! It's no surprise to me hat DAYS was #2 in the ratings after MarDevil and stayed there.

We can sit back and enjoy, but we criticize everything else...films, music, primetime. Why not soaps?
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