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Fair post.

I know I try not to be too critical because tearing a show limb from limb ruins it overall for me. However, as a result of posting alot the past few years, I find myself wanting to be more critical.

I think sometimes it's best to just sit back and enjoy. I decided to do that with Passions back in January after being very upset with it and it instantly got better for me. I also think when we start comparing the present to past glory eras we tend to see things in a much more negative light. Soaps will never be what they were and they really do have to change with the times. That is the period we are in now and I think alot of fans are just unwilling to accept what has to be the new way of doing things. Sure, the soaps all screwed up and pissed off fans but it is what it is. If we truly love our soaps and want them to survive, we need to just take the good with the bad. That does not mean accepting crap stories but it also does not mean endlessly bashing shows, boycotting, etc. I think all fans need to show a bit more patience in waiting to see things play out as a whole before judging what is happening. The first half or so of a story could suck and then it can get better in an instant.

I think we need to give the soaps a little more breathing room to work, especially the ones that are trying. If a show seems like it isn't making an effort and is just trash, then bash away. I only feel that way about Y&R right now whereas the other soaps I feel are trying for the most part.

If soaps are going to attract any new fans, they have to change to accommodate young fans and fans new to the genre. Otherwise, there will be no interest. JMO.
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