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Courtesy of WOBB

Andy's attack on Brooke leaves her devastated.

Brooke feels helpless when Andy threatens to stop her from getting her children back if she reports his attack on her.

Brooke makes a sacrifice.

Stephanie's revenge on Brooke escalates.

After Dorothy asks Brooke to explain her stressful behavior, Brooke releases her anger on the social worker.

Bridget realizes the dire truth of Brooke's situation and plays doctor to her mother.

Stephanie manipulates Ridge.

Stephanie and the lawyer convince Ridge to seek full custody of the Hope and R.J.

Stephanie rubs the custody situation in Brooke's face.

Taylor feels sympathy for Brooke because of her own fears that the egg donor might take her baby.

The Forrester family is divided as Donna's wedding approaches.

Ashley tells Phoebe that Rick still loves her (Phoebe).

The chemistry sizzles between Constantine and Felicia.

The Boldface Challenge concert begins, with performances by Constantine joined by recording artists Elliott Yamin and Jon McLaughlin.


Courtesy of CBS.com:

Ridge struggles with filing for full custody of Hope and R.J.
The stage is set for the Boldface Challenge.
Bridget helps Brooke cope with her brutal attack.
Donna marks her territory on Thorne.
Stephanie seizes an opportunity to make Brooke pay.


Other news I was able to gather and add to this Rick (by Steve)

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL has announced that the date for the 2007 edition of the world-wide gathering of the fans of the series is August 25, 2007, in Los Angeles. Since the series is celebrating its 20th year of broadcasting this year, Executive Producer, Bradley P. Bell and Fan Club President, Cathy Tomas, are eager to give fans coming from all over the world the opportunity to plan their trip ahead of time. Those who would like to attend should watch for updates and specific registration details to be announced on the web at http://www.boldandbeautiful.com. They can also send an email request to Cathy at [email protected] to be placed on a mailing list to receive reservation forms which she will start sending out to everyone in March. (kind of old news but reporting it anyway since the gathering is coming up)


HEATHER TOM tells Soap Opera Digest that she wasn't looking to get back into daytime after ONE LIFE TO LIVE released her from the role of Kelly. But when B&B head honcho Bradley Bell called her about taking on the role of Brooke's youngest sibling Katie, Heather changed her mind. Heather had of course worked for the Bell family for years on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Victoria Newman, so she freely admits, "Brad is the only person I want to work for, so I'm really happy to be back on a Bell family show." And to make things even more fitting for the new role, Heather had dyed her blonde hair several months ago and is now a brunette, just as the original Katie was on B&B over the years.

When Bradley Bell first contacted Heather, they talked about a longer contract, but they decided to settle on a six month agreement to see how things work out.

Tom's first B&B air date is August 30.


Spoilers & Rumors for Upcoming Shows (no dates known on some of these):

Katie comes back to L.A. for her sister's Donna's wedding, but is that the ultimate reason for her return to L.A.

Donna and Thorne's wedding day approaches.

Ashley's not happy when Ridge includes Brooke in his plans for a family weekend at the cabin.

Katie Logan returns to L.A. when her sister Donna becomes engaged to Thorne.
Katie will be the good Logan sister and will lock horns with older siblings Brooke and Donna.

A backstage source tells Sopa Opera Digest that a big story for Thorne, played by WINSOR HARMON, will kick off with the first anniversary of Darla's death.

Reports of a return by Ken Haines as Mike Guthrie have apparently been shelved.

Although there were reports last year that Harry (Ben Hogestyn) might return during the spring or summer, those plans apparently have changed, since the story with Phoebe, Rick and Constantine appears to be the story for the younger audience during the summer months.

Fans have wondered when Felicia [Lesli Kay] will be moved off the back burner and get a story again. "I'm working on that," B&B Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley Bell tells Soap Opera Digest. "It's hard to keep everybody hot at the same time, but a new story for Felicia is on its way."

Insiders report that a new hunk is coming to the show and will hook up with one female character, only to lose his heart to another.

For B&B's 20th anniversary year, Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley Bell states, "Every episode will have a romantic payoff, a great cliff-hanger, or an oh-my-God shock."

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