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I've never called the ATWT comment line before but last week, I took the plunge, said "What the hey" and called them up. No answer (hmm..they must be closed Fridays). So I left a message.

I pretty much commented about every storyline (except Carly/Jack/Katie/Brad..don't care about them at all) which I might save for another thread.

Now, first..I'll get this out in the open. I'm straight. That doesn't mean I'm going to hide behind the "I'm straight so I can't relate and therefore, don't care about this gay story that's happening on ATWT". I don't exactly have the urge to watch two males kissing or having sex (which I'm sure is what many Nuke fans wanna see) but I'm all for watching love stories.

Besides, hiding behind that excuse would make me a hypocrite since I've been sucked into liking romances between relatives (ie. GL's Tammy & Jonathan), victim/victimizers (ie. again...Tammy & Jonathan), younger woman/men old enough to be their father (ie. ATWT's Craig & Jennifer before Jennifer became a shrill beeyotch), etc...and no waay could I ever see myself in similar romantic relationships.

What I left in my message is that I think the Luke/Noah story has great potential. The idea of a gay romance between two men on daytime television is something that has yet to be fully explored so there's loads of potential for originality. However, Luke & Noah couldn't be any more boring the way they have been written for the most part.

I always got the sense that the media and soap fans (namely the online community) are clamoring for this couple because "OMG, a gay romance is actually happening!" rather than because the story is a well-written one involving two great fleshed out characters played by two great actors. Other than the fact that Luke & Noah are part of a gay romance, why do people like them? Beats me. I loved Luke back when he was a child. Loved the Malta storyline with Damien and loved seeing him stand up to his self-absorbed mother while she was mourning Rose's death. This current Luke is an annoying brat. I also don't think that Van Hansis is any better than the likes of other actors in his age group (ie. Jesse Soffer or Agim Kaba). The fact that he's willing to play a gay character doesn't make him a great actor, IMO. And Kevin...he's not exactly this great black-and-white character, either. Luke & Noah are about as shallow as a kiddie pool.

I mentioned in my message that the romance was already ruined by the fact that when Noah came in, viewers already knew that he would become Luke's boyfriend and therefore, the story was way too predicatable. Luke saw Noah..pretended to hate him for a few weeks and then BAM! He's suddenly into the guy. What is it about Noah, though that Luke likes so much? I think any romance should make people care or understand why feelings are there...and I'm just not seeing it in this story. Craig's obsession with Meg at this point makes much more sense.

I actually relate to Luke in a way because I know what it's like to act like a snob towards a crush (I've been like that) only to start feeling completely sorry for myself when he doesn't seem to notice me...so why is it that I don't feel that much involvement in this story? I also know what it's like not to have a really good reason as to why you feel completely infatuated with somebody but they should really address this more with Luke's character. At least find a good reason why he likes Noah..and if he doesn't, let him admit that, too!

My message wasn't this long actually. I just said I think the characters and their relationship haven't been well-established and that they need to be fleshed out. I'm really not feeling it at all right now and I think if they make changes later, it'll be too late. A good romance also requires a great beginning...and Nuke don't have that.
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