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Steve Frame
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You bring up a good point in blaming actors too much too. I get tired of that moreso than even blaming writers or producers.

Actors do not have control on their shows. They might be asked every once in awhile for input but it is not welcomed unless it is asked for. Who knows these characters better than someone who has played them for years and years. I am not saying go in and ask a newbie but esp. new writers and producers go the actors/actresses who have been there, who have played these characters.

I will never bash an actor or actress for speaking out about anything. All they are paid to do is act. A writer and producer are hired to make the show better as far as story and production values. Actors contribute by performing their characters to the best of their ability. Also it is actors who are the ones who have to take the brunt of the budget cuts or are the main ones who are being cut. What writer has been asked to go on recurring? What producer has been asked to take a pay cut? You tell me one and I will back off of that argument.

I get so tired of people like Erika Slezak, Drake Hogestyn, Julia Barr, Ellen Dolan, Bryan Dattilo and Kim Zimmer being called bitches and bastards all across the Internet just because they are trying to preserve their jobs or trying to preserve some part of their character or the life that they have built for themselves. I am just waiting for one of them to be a true bitch or bastard and say well I'll do this Mr. (fill in the blank) when you take a pay cut too.

Fans are so quick to throw actors to the curb if they say even one thing negative about their show. Why just look at the uproar over Mary Beth Evans' little statement that she made about she should have stayed at ATWT which was just a joke. Fans jumped on that and immediately she was a bitch for saying it. I am surprised there wasn't more uproar over what she said in the BuddyTV interview a couple of weeks ago when she said that for the 16 years she was off the show she didn't even watch the show or keep up with it that much.

I find that last part funny that not just Evans but many stars when asked say they are too busy to watch much TV but yet they expect us too. I think some fans are so jaded that they think the stars watch the shows and keep up with them just like they do. But for many of them it is just a job. I can't even hold that against them.

Actors are there to do a job and they want to work just like the rest of us. And after giving a company or a show loyalty it is nice to get a little back - to be felt like you are truly appreciated. And not to be the only ones who are the fall guy when budgets need to be cut or the total blame when ratings don't go up.

One last thing on actors, I have been shocked to read so many times over the last few years about vets just phoning in performances. It is said a lot of vets like Philip Carey and Eileen Fulton and others. I can't hold that against them either. For these vets they once loved these shows and would give anything for them. But what did that do for them. Absolutely nothing. Actors want to work like everyone else. And when they know that they are only kept there because they have been with the show for so long and not because they are wanted - then it has to affect your attitude and your performance. The older vets esp. know that in this day and time their not the target demo and are not wanted. So just do it and get it over has to be their motto.

I find it funny that the foreign soaps use their older characters and vets a whole lot more and actually feature them. And their soaps are still popular. Also many of them don't just hire models but every day looking people too.
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