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Viewing Single Post From: ATWT: Luke & Noah
Aug 17 2007, 10:01 PM
Aug 17 2007, 09:50 PM
Aug 17 2007, 09:45 PM
I also think part of me had higher than average expectations for a storyline involving a romance between Luke and another man. They hyped his coming out to death and eventually fizzled out his original storyline. The least I expected of them was to create a gradual romance for Luke, in a realistic way. I especially HATED how Luke was automatically "falling in love" with Noah after like one meeting. Remember when he was telling Jade about falling for the wrong guy again, when he hadn't even really known Noah then? That's an AWFUL set-up to any kind of relationship. That alone left me cold for the remainder of Nuke's romance. Also, Noah's father's is in town and he's extremely intimidated by him, yet this is the set up for the famous kiss? Again, horrible set-up, Noah being afraid of his father and the whole idea of his sexuality should be enough to prevent him crossing that boundary.

The way I would've written it, would be entirely different. I'd start Noah and Luke off as co-workers who were never originally interested in one another. Luke certainly wouldn't be "falling for the wrong guy" after one friggin' meeting! Eventually, they'd grow as friends, but Noah secretly hides his sexuality. The whole back story for Noah would be an abusive father who is extremely intolerant, and one who Noah obviously keeps his true sexuality from. Noah would feel as if he had no one to turn to, but he gets to know Luke and all the struggles Luke faced in order to come out. Soon, Noah would confide his secret to Luke and Luke would morph into his shoulder to cry on. Eventually, they'd both harbor feelings for one another, but Noah's insecurity and his father's ignorance would be the main obstacles. I wouldn't even have the Maddie debacle thrown in there, that was a horrible step.

As I've said before, Passante and her crew created a horrible set-up and a follow-thought littered with horrendous plot-holes, that's just unforgivable to me. I especially hate how some are acting like this storyline is ATWT's saving grace, because it really isn't. Why are so many willing to overlook horrible writing for this storyline, yet they aren't willing to overlook the horrible writing for the rest of the storylines on this show? It really doesn't make sense to me.

Because that's all we have left to root for. I probably would not be watching if it wasnt for Luke and Noah. And yes the writing has been bad but all of Jean's stories have. It is nothing new. <_<

But why is this the only thing left rooting for? What separates the horrible writing in this storyline, from the horrible writing of the other storylines on ATWT? I don't get it. Also, Noah's a new character, why should I/the audience care for him?

Personally, the only bright spot I see in the show is Lucinda being used a lot more than usual. It's nice to see someone over 50 on this show, and I'm only 24. I never really got the assumption that if you're young, you'll hate older characters. TPTB really need to reevaluate their plans, because whatever they're doing isn't working.

Honestly, I'm not bashing the Nuke storyline because I want to. I'm bashing it simply because I had higher expectation for it, and so far it's been an utter flop in my eyes. The whole show is pretty much a whole flop. Just because this storyline is something different, that doesn't mean its horrible writing should be excused. I'm not trying to ignite a war here. :lol:

Well, I am 36 here and I love Lucinda too. But watching Meg trying to and succeding in out smarting her is stupid and absurd. I cringe at that storyline and two of my favorites are on it....Craig and Lucinda. Meg was a favorite but she has been so watered down it isnt even funny.

As for the Luke and Noah romance....well I will have to tell you by PM why I like the story even though it has it flaws. And yes both being gay does help. I wont deny that.
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