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Streetcorner Philosopher

Aug 17 2007, 07:08 PM
I get so tired of people like Erika Slezak, Drake Hogestyn, Julia Barr, Ellen Dolan, Bryan Dattilo and Kim Zimmer being called bitches and bastards all across the Internet just because they are trying to preserve their jobs or trying to preserve some part of their character or the life that they have built for themselves. I am just waiting for one of them to be a true bitch or bastard and say well I'll do this Mr. (fill in the blank) when you take a pay cut too.

I so disagree with you on this. Respectfully, of course.

To me, all they're doing is pandering to the fans to try and get what they want. Nothing to do with preserving a job, everything to do with ego, at least for some. I can't blame them for doing it, but I'm all for bashing them when they do. They can do their griping behind the scenes or when they quit (or get fired). Otherwise, I don't need to hear the bitching. If they were as popular as they think they are there's no need to try and stir up the fans with public comments, imho. (Course, I'm trapped in a shit job and don't have a magazine to talk to and message boards full of adoring fans to agree with my comments so I'm biased)

As to the critical thing- I don't think I know how to just sit back and watch a show. Half the enjoyment for me is talking about it on this board, and with my soaps of choice half the excitement is drama backstage. If the shows don't hold my full attention then my brain wanders and finds the fun elsewhere. That's talking trash online, most of the time. It's usually done with love, though.
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