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Steve Frame
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px, It is alright to disagree. I still hold to what I said. I find it funny that it is only the older stars who are having to speak out. And that is sad. They have given the most time to the shows. What makes me the most mad is that these stars like Zimmer, Slezak, etc. could have left soap operas behind for something bigger and better. And when they made it completely ignored soaps and speaking wickedly of them.

These stars have not used soaps. They have stuck with these characters. loved them, nourished them, been ambassadors for these shows, and how are they treated for it. Like shit that is how.

I don't see why some stars can speak out too and they are not regarded that way. Many of the young stars can write in their blogs about things and nothing much is said about it, but an older star speaks out or refuses to take what is given them and they are just ungrateful bitches or seeking attention.

Many of these young stars that are so popular right now are going to do the same thing that so many others have done. They are going to make you love them and love their characters, and then they are going to want to go on to bigger and better things. The soap world is constantly full of those. That is fine and dandy and just part of it, but frankly I am tired of seeing them rewarded and given booghoodles of money to come back for short visits while many of the tried and true actors and actresses are being thrown out to pasture even after they have given their whole acting lives to the genre and their character.
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