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Steve Frame
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The Luke/Noah storyline has many problems and because of that I can only rank it 3rd in what I like on the show.

THe Lucinda, Craig & MEg stuff is my favorite with the Lily/Holden stuff coming in 2nd. I love that they have used her more lately.

I think the biggest problem for me and I have said it before is that I was very disappointed that they went the old route of making Noah bisexual and had to have him question his being gay.

Of course that is the thing with the networks still. No one can be just gay, they have to wrestle with it, they have to have bad feelings about it, etc.

I think they honestly think that people want accept a character that is gay because he just is - he's gay. Or that he doesn't have bad feelings about being gay. And that is what makes me the most mad. I mean do straight people ever feel bad that they ahve sex with the opposite sex. No they don't. And gay people don't agonize every day of their lives about the fact that they happen to be attracted to the same sex.

It is the same assumption that they make that since they are targeting the younger viewer now - viewers don't want to see older people anymore.

I sometimes wonder how this new breed of soap producers and writers ever got to their positions. They definitely didn't do it with brains or rational thinking.

I just hope that a kiss is not all we ever see with Luke & Noah. Maybe since Passions finally broke the trend by actually letting people know that Vincent and Chad had "anal" sex then Luke & Noah can have sex. Bianca & Lena never did and Maggie & Bianca didn't either.

I am just holding out for better more interesting things with the story. Eventually the buzz that the press is giving the show and the story will die down if the writing for the story doesn't get better.

Hopefully with the additions of some great scriptwriters now changes will be made at the head too.
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