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OK, today did it for me. I cannot stomach another day of insipid giggly slurppy teenagers with one big and pregnant. Totally beyond absurb and I cannot stand them.

Hogan is ruining EJ and Tony. Who know who EJ is anymore and making Tony into a womanizer....good grief. Can he be fired (Hogan).

I'm already angry about making a beautiful Horton male into a criminal wimp and now he wants us to believe that Jett Carver is an honest ISA agent???? Stupid beyond belief. Jett behaves so supicious that it's beyond comprehension.

Max and Stephanie....good heavens to Betsy. What a slut Hogan is making of her and Max would never behave in such a rackish manner (or would he).

At any rate about 25 minutes into the show, I gave up. There is lot more on TV that is well-written, makes sense and doesn't make you feel disgusted to boot.

I'll read the spoilers and recaps, but until this Sami/Lucas, Santeen, Max/Stephanie. Jeremy/Jett stuff is over with, I'll not be watching.

P.S. I just watched that amazing video of when Hope learns that she is really Hope. What a beautiful letter she wrote and the feeling of the wonderful romance of Bo and Hope was so strongly there. I was not watching because Billie was on. I loathed Billie and quit watching Days for a long time due to her. I did however see when she gave birth to that stillborn baby....which cannot be Chelsea.
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