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Steve...you make an interesting point about phoned-in performances. Most of the time, those who start phoning in their performances are actually really good actors who are being given really bland stories. Can't say I blame them. I used to always think that a great actor will turn shit into gold but it's also human nature to let your boredom show through. It really depends on who you are and I hesitate from attacking any actor who I thought used to be great when they start putting out tired performances and it's clear the writing is to blame.

px...I'll also have to lean towards your side of the argument. I can't stand actors who complain too much and I also can't stand those who pimp every single storyline of theirs..no matter how bad they are. I think some type of middle ground is needed. I have respect for the vet actors for staying as long as they have with their respective shows but I can live without the smugness..which some actors do have.
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