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Y&RWorldTurner...I also don't understand how the Nuke story remains so overhyped despite that it is full of flaws just like every other storyline on the show. It is getting quite a bit of buzz (for a soap story) but other than the fact that it's a gay romance, the romance itself is dead boring.

This is an extreme analogy but has anyone here ever seen the German film Nekromantik? Well, I saw the sequel. The overall idea is disgustingly fascinating (not that I'm saying homosexuality can be described the same way mind you) but the movie probably had one of the worst scripts ever made. The mediocre acting and horrible direction certainly didn't help, either. While there were some very memorable moments, the movie as a whole was extremely tedious to watch.

If I were to rewrite the Nuke story, I would have established Noah as a character first. Like Y&RWorldTurner mentioned, why should we care about a newbie? I also wouldn't have let the fans in on the fact that Noah was brought in to become Luke's boyfriend. People reacted to the Noah character the same way they reacted to Kevin. It didn't matter who Luke's boyfriend was...just as long as he had one.

Roger, you're right about stories changing for the worse and vice versa. Still, I believe that if you want a great story (like the buzz is making this Nuke story out to be), you need a strong beginning. If you have a good start, that provides opportunities in the future to go back and bring 'history' back. I can't think of too many stories which I hated originally and ended up liking later in which the characters and their relationships with each other weren't already well-established at one point.

Steve, my favourite ATWT storyline also happens to be Meg/Craig/Lucinda. Here's a story people are totally nailing to the ground yet I think there's way more potential in that story than Nuke's. Why? Because the writers have let us in on how these characters feel and have actually bothered to explore their relationships with each other. The same thing needs to be done with Luke & Noah and then maybe I'll care.
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