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Andre confronts Kate at the pub, he wants her to lure Roman into a trap but she refuses he starts to choke her and Shawn comes out and tries to help but Andre gets the upper hand, punches Shawn and breaks a bar stool over his back knocking him out. He forces Kate to drag Shawn into the freezer in the back, Belle shows up and she ends up in the freezer with Shawn. Belle apologizes for the stuff with Phillip and tells Shawn she loves him, he figures a way to get them out.

They have a funeral for Stefano but I'm not sure if he's really dead. John, Lexy, Tony are some who are in attendence. They show him (Stefano) in the coffin and bury him, but at the gravesite they hear Andre laughing only to find out it's his voice on tape. Bo shows up and Roman calls Bo but gets cut off but not before he says he's going after Andre.

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