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Aug 18 2007, 01:51 AM
Aug 17 2007, 11:57 PM
I just watched that amazing video of when Hope learns that she is really Hope.  What a beautiful letter she wrote and the feeling of the wonderful romance of Bo and Hope was so strongly there.  I was not watching because Billie was on.  I loathed Billie and quit watching Days for a long time due to her.  I did however see when she gave birth to that stillborn baby....which cannot be Chelsea.

I feel about the same right now Jean but I am going to tough it out until I feel like Ed Scott has been established and things still haven't gotten better but I still totally share so many of your concerns.

As for the clip, I just loved that story because that is when I fell in love with Bope. I didn't start watching the show until early 90s so I missed them in the 80s and actually liked Bo and Billie quite a bit when RKK was still Bo, but the puzzle box stuff was when I jumped ship.

Today sealed the deal for me. BRYAN DATILLO (if I even spelled that last name right) is blackmailing Hogan or throwing a temper tantrum or SOMETHING to get scenes that make him sexier or more funny than EJ, so his popular points can get a boost. THAT was what was up with all the voices he made -- trying to stretch his relatability factor and "acting" skills. And THAT was up with one of the longest shots of a man with spread legs wearing only boxers, on a daytime soap. I mean, this is sick! At one point, I honestly shouted at Sami and Lucas, "GODDAMNIT, SHUT UP ALREADY!" THEY'RE DISGUSTING!

Note to Bryan: Lumi AREN'T sexy. They may not be over just yet, but writing them as horndog teenagers who can't keep their fucking hands off each other for A GODDAMN SECOND, EVEN WHEN ONE IS PREGNANT AND THE OTHER IS IN A HOSPITAL RECOVERING FROM HYPOTHERMIA -- AND THAT LITTLE BITCH ISN'T going to obey doctors' orders?!!@$$$%$$% -- IS NOT REALISTIC!!!

ALL Lucas thinks about is sex.

He talks AND acts like a 14-year-old.
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