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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The hotel manager leaves China Lee's kids, Artemis and DeMarquette, with Nick. He later discovers that China Lee was arrested and is now serving 30 days in jail, which means Nick is stuck with the kids. Jeremy tells Max that Ilsa has agreed to gather all the girls who were sold into prostitution and help them flee Las Vegas. Shawn surprises Belle by telling her he's going to help his grandparents with the pub, and in return, they can live upstairs rent-free. Tony tells E.J. that Stefano has been brought to the hospital. His liver is failing and this is the end. E.J. goes to his father to say a final goodbye. He asks Stefano to end the vendetta before he dies. Kate promises Stefano she'll meet Andre at the health club to get the folio. Sami and Lucas insist on going in her place. Later, Lucas realizes that Kate slept with Stefano in exchange for the money and is furious. Kate refuses to apologize to him for doing what she does best: surviving. E.J. summons Stefano's living biological children to the hospital.

SNEAK PEEK: Benji is kidnapped.
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