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Okay, so I just watched Thursday... :)

It was a good eppy. Jason's trial was pointless really, because I don't think ONE PERSON watching this show thought for one second that Jason would be found guilty. With that said, I'm glad it's over. Like I said earlier, the trial was awesome simply for the revelation of Jiz affair. After that, it became completely redundant.

The whole Irina/Jax thing is also pretty boring. I don't care about that storyline at all.

But Sam is SO FUN! I loved how she threatened Liz in the courthouse, then went against Ric and then confronted Jason. It was awesome! When she mentioned sleeping with Lucky, Jason's face was priceless! :lol: I love Sam!

And I know Nikolas is trying to be fair and remind Lucky that Liz forgave him for his infidelity, he is annoying me. He should be more on his brother's side than Elizabeth's and somehow I seem to feel he is siding with Liz. I am so happy that Lucky is treating Liz the way he is. I really enjoy those scenes!

I felt bad for Ric today when the jury said its verdict and then the mayor reminded Ric that Jason can't be tried for the same thing again. I felt sorry for Ric for failing again.

It was nice as well, when Spin and Lulu walked into Sonny's and Coop was there.. haha But Sonny managed to get them out of that nicely. Coop and Lulu's conversation later was nice too. I was expecting Maxie to walk in or for Coop to reveal to Lulu that he caught Maxie and Logan, but it didn't happen.. Fine by me! I want Lulu and Logan to be happy!! :D
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