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Steve Frame
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Aug 18 2007, 05:38 PM
You know... it's annoying to think that Marlena can't just have her own story independently of a secret Alex North twin or Roman or Don Craig or Bill Horton.

It's this same stupidity that's prevented Maggie from having any sort of storyline since Mickey vanished. Damn this show and it's supercouple crap.

If Drake does need to go then I would LOVE him to die in a mega-dramatic death and then have a really huge funeral and a really juicy story for Marlena coping with the grief of the loss of John ON HER OWN not even entertaining the idea of a relationship for at least a year or two (if Days is even around beyond then). Roman could TRY to put the moves on her, but Marlena would insist that her heart will always belong to John and that part of her life is over as she instead focuses on her family and career and assumes her role as the matriarch of Days. I would love to see her throw her life into her work and get back to being Dr. Marlena Evans the psychiatrist. Lord knows there are enough crazy people in Salem and the characters are written bipolar enough that there's certainly a market for her services. One obvious story would allow both she and Steve/Kayla to heal about what they did with the John kidney theft by her helping unlock the secrets of his past as a DiMera assassin. Maybe him getting his memory back could uncover other secrets about other characters like whatever happened with EJ's childhood that Stefano wound up raising him and what the hell happened to Susan Banks. Who the hell knows? Just show some fucking imagination DOOL writers and make something besides a triangle happen.


I totally agree with you and ashamed that I have fallen into the same frame of mind to think that a woman can't have a story outside of a man, but with the way things are in daytime it is just not going to happen anymore and it is easy to fall into that frame of mind.

It is not just a problem with Days - even though the supercouple phenomonon is stronger there.

Daytime as a whole don't want to write for independant women. Look at Victoria Lord on OLTL, either she has a health crisis like with her heart that gives her a little story. But here you have a woman who was President of a University and Owner of The Banner. Has that given her story? No. Even with bringing an ex-husband back to town didn't help her either though.

Look at Lisa Hughes, Barbara Ryan and Kim Hughes on ATWT. All 3 are successful businesswomen. Lisa owns several businesses. Barbara is a world known fashion designer. Kim owns the TV station. You would think those things alone would spark story. Luckily Lucinda owned worldwide and there was a spark to make Craig want it or she would still be languishing around town doing nothing.

It is a shame that daytime has some very intelligent women characters but you wouldn't know it, because none of them can have stories based on that or airtime based on it.

I loved with Days used the businesses as backdrops for stories more. It was nice seeing Kate doing a little more than just interfering in her children's lives. I have always wanted to see a true All About Eve type story for Kate where she befriends a young girl at Basic Black and molds her into a miniture her and they develop a friendship but the girl is only using her to advance. Set that up and then have that young girl go after either Kate's man or one of her sons. We would be invested in the character by that time and then the rivalry could really be great. That was a little bit of the Nicole/Kate relationship but I don't think they ever fully looked at that as they should have and could have.
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