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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 18 2007, 06:25 PM
The more I think about it, even with his baseball background, I say the comment was inappropriate. A major leaguer calling someone a minor leaguer is like someone saying, "Never send a boy to do a MAN'S job."

It's condescending either way.

I agree.

The baseball background makes me interpret it as MORE of an insult rather than less of one because a baseball player knows better than anyone that the minor leagues are a training ground for newbies or a place of demotion for vets who just can't cut it in the bigs. Either way it is saying that the people that were on the show when he wasn't were not worthy of being front and center and I don't think that's fair or true when it comes to SN and MBE or JS and AS who were the stars of the show during John's coma. I personally found the comment condescending and just as I often reach certain conclusions about the things said in all soap articles/Internet posts I read and reserve the right to hate on people like Hogan Sheffer for what they say, I jumped to a conclusion after reading this one and decided I liked Drake less because of that article.

The thing is I thought Thaao Penghlis just as arrogant in his article when he talked about the "big guns" coming back, but for some reason that comment didn't bother me because it just came across to me as more him tooting his own horn than speaking ill of what other people bring to the show. The thing is I have seen him criticized for those comments (especially by Jarlena fans) similar to the way Drake has been criticized, but maybe it didn't strike a chord the way that Drake's comments did with so many fans because Drake had always been so positive in the past while TP hasn't been as much, because he's a bigger star than TP or because people are more willing to forgive TP's comments if they think him a better actor generally... who knows? Maybe the fact that I am willing to forgive TP but not Drake that makes me a hypocrite but I don't care. I always liked Tony/Thaao better than John/Drake and I probably always will.

But Steve, even though I don't agree on this particular issue, I do think you made some QUITE salient points in your rebuttal.
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