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Steve Frame
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Aug 18 2007, 07:00 PM
Aug 18 2007, 06:25 PM
The more I think about it, even with his baseball background, I say the comment was inappropriate. A major leaguer calling someone a minor leaguer is like someone saying, "Never send a boy to do a MAN'S job."

It's condescending either way.

I agree.

The baseball background makes me interpret it as MORE of an insult rather than less of one because a baseball player knows better than anyone that the minor leagues are a training ground for newbies or a place of demotion for vets who just can't cut it in the bigs. Either way it is saying that the people that were on the show when he wasn't were not worthy of being front and center and I don't think that's fair or true when it comes to SN and MBE or JS and AS who were the stars of the show during John's coma. I personally found the comment condescending and just as I often reach certain conclusions about the things said in all soap articles/Internet posts I read and reserve the right to hate on people like Hogan Sheffer for what they say, I jumped to a conclusion after reading this one and decided I liked Drake less because of that article.

The thing is I thought Thaao Penghlis just as arrogant in his article when he talked about the "big guns" coming back, but for some reason that comment didn't bother me because it just came across to me as more him tooting his own horn than speaking ill of what other people bring to the show. The thing is I have seen him criticized for those comments (especially by Jarlena fans) similar to the way Drake has been criticized, but maybe it didn't strike a chord the way that Drake's comments did with so many fans because Drake had always been so positive in the past while TP hasn't been as much, because he's a bigger star than TP or because people are more willing to forgive TP's comments if they think him a better actor generally... who knows? Maybe the fact that I am willing to forgive TP but not Drake that makes me a hypocrite but I don't care. I always liked Tony/Thaao better than John/Drake and I probably always will.

But Steve, even though I don't agree on this particular issue, I do think you made some QUITE salient points in your rebuttal.

Aremid, I have no problem with differing opinions. I really don't. It is okay that you don't agree with me on this. I agree with some things you say and some I don't.

I still don't see the baseball comment to read everything you are saying or JSF for that matter. I don't see him as meaning "all inclusive" to include all the ones in his comment. If he said it about SN, MBE, BD or AS I would question it and possibly have a problem with it as they were front and center during that time, but looking at the others were front and center: James Scott, Blake Berris, Rachel Melvin, Darin Brooks, Brandon Beemer, and even Johnson and Madison and then all the newbies like Willow, adn those two crazy island people were all minor leaguers compared to the vets on Days. In regards to Days alone they are rookies still and in regards to what Days fans wanted and needed at the time they should have been starring minor stories building to the major stories with the exception of maybe EJ who did get a lot more involved in every damn story than he should have been.

But Drake didn't call any names so I can't say who he meant and won't condemn him until he comes and says - this is who I meant by that comment. Then if he clarified I could but not until then will I do it.

You make an excellent point about Thaao. I have wondered that too but didn't include it in any of my comments. How did he get by with his statement. he basically said that James Scott and all those were little guns and that he and Joe were the big guns and the only ones taht mattered.

I think a big part of it boils down to just what you said "popularity". And not saying that against you but the whole daytime genre as a whole. Fans are quick to condemn those they don't like esp. when it might be offensive to their favorites. Fan bases have a lot to do with it. Going back to the Jate thing that PR brought up. The reason that was such a stink is because Drake went against the Jarlena fan base for the first time in forever. He liked Jate and wanted to pursue. That was sacriligious and uncalled for to his fan base.

Thaao is seen as a salvation for fans but personally I have had a problem with him ever since he spilled the beans on the SSK story. I know that Days would have probably scooped it themselves eventually but when he revealed the info he did it ruined the suspense of the story for me. He to me always did that out of anger over being fired.

The best thing for Drake at this point is to move on. Unfortunately the Days fanbase will always hold this against him, despite the fact that he gave the show 20 years of devoted service. With Days fans unfortunately you get one chance at a mistake and that is it. At least for some of them that is the case. Not a condemnation of Days fans but it is just an observation.

Old Milton said that it was "a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of a wrathful God".

Old Stevie turns it around and says it is "a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of a wrathful Days fan."

Who knows which is worse?????????
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