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Steve Frame
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Aug 18 2007, 06:38 PM
I haven't ever watched OTLT or ATWT so I am not too familiar with the examples you cite but I'm sad to hear this is not just a Days phenomenon. Of the other soaps I watch now on occasion (YandR, AMC... OK I watch Passions too but it doesn't really count for this because it's just so unconventional generally) I feel like they do a decent job on those to show strong women working. I am a very new watcher to AMC but even though I don't necessarily like all the characters who work there I just love Fusion as a central workplace for so many of the younger women and I love Erica having her own show and wish DOOL had something like that going on for its women outside of their relationships. And I've always loved YandR having women in the corporate world. But no, us Days watchers only get to see women working as flight attendants and hookers.

It just seems counterintuitive that soaps would actually portray women more stronger and intelligent in the past compared to now. Granted, my perspective of "the past" is limited mostly just from 1990 until now because I am a younger soap watcher, but I just don't get what changed to make it impossible to show working women. Is it just the current HWs aren't interested in it? Lack of money for sets? All the soaps copying each other?

I love your All About Eve scenario for Kate too, btw. That would have been something fun to explore with Nicole/Kate. Too bad they never went with it.

You make excellent points about Y&R & AMC. They still do well with women in the workplace.

I am not sure how to grade Hogan on workplace stories.

He did great for Carly & Barbara. He created some great stories around the fashion industry for them. I loved the rivalry that he created between them with Craig in the middle feeding it. And loved Paul trying to get vengeance on him when he tried to get control of BRO.

But it was with Hogan that many of the women got ignored who had been strong businesswomen under other writers. Lucinda was completely ignored under him. Lisa was hardly ever shown as a businesswoman under him. And I think it was under him that The Argus (Lisa's paper) was forgotten. And Kim hardly ever had anything to do at the station. Those were key elements of ATWT before that time. They didn't completely fade from the characters but were never used. Adn poor Margo ATWT's only female cop always played second fiddle to the male cops who did the majority of the investigations on crime in Oakdale.

So part of it could be him with Days but I think it is a new general direction for Days taht I dont care for much.
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