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Sharongate, bitches!

Days already has the groundwork for business intrigue, yet the show continuously refuses to utilize it. There's Titan, Basic Black, Mythic, etc, yet we never see what goes on in the workplace on this show, outside of the occasional scene in the police station, of all places. This is unacceptable, I think for a seemingly one-note character, like Kate, a business oriented storyline would do wonders for her. We only see her butting into the lives of her children, but she's also part owner of Mythic, why don't we ever see her busting any balls in a business meeting or something? If Days wanted to explore more women in the workplace, the opportunity is already there, but they refuse to. Days has been quite horrible in terms of social relevance, during the past 20 years or so, that's something that needs to change.

Hopefully, Ed Scott, with his years of experience on the business-oriented Y&R, can change this.
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